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Our mission

We create elegant engagements for people, communities, and the planet through our weaved wisdom and technologies.

NTT DATA Luweave has its roots in Olivetti, the Italian firm known for their distinctive product design in the twentieth century. With the concept of respect for human beings at the core, we adhere to the philosophy of the founder of Olivetti, Camillo Olivetti, a pioneering figure whose unique design thinking included beautiful and functional products that created a new lifestyle.

Focused on these ideas, our engagements are enhanced by bold and flexible sensibilities seeking inclusive harmony between people and community and, by extension, the planet. To us, these are “elegant engagements.” We build trusted relationships with all stakeholders based on the NTT DATA Group Mission Statement: To use information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.

Our MISSION is deeply entwined with three aspects of the heritage built up over the decades since the company was established.

Our philosophy of respect for all people, embracing diverse values, and treating others with sincerity has been passed down from our predecessors, and is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture.

Long-term Relationships
As professionals, we value the relationships we create with our clients through a sincere approach, and committing ourselves fully to the task through to the end. We will continue to work together and grow with our customers as a trusted partner in an increasingly diverse world.

We are ready to take on challenges, to evolve, and to look ahead to the future. Throughout our history we have transformed ourselves by pioneering markets throughout significant changes in the social environment. This is a spirit we share with NTT DATA, a company that has contributed to social innovation for many years.